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Gloria and husband, Frank, the love of her life
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Astrology is an ancient language, built on the myths and stories of previous civilizations that explain the meanings and lessons of life.

From those stories grew the signs of the Zodiac, the meanings of the Planets, and the focus of "houses".

Ancient Egyptian Harvesting Wheat

The motion of the heavenly bodies continually moves us, day to day, lifetime to lifetime.

Astrology - Symbols of Life

Do you ever wonder why some days flow so easily while others block you at every turn?   It truly is in the stars. Read more in the StellarDays Blog...

Read about the most recent Placement Change:
Sun enters Pisces

The Moon is in Aries until 2/20/2018 -- 7:11:35 PM
Waxing Crescent Moon
The silver light of the Moon stirs our emotions and feelings.  It does not reach waits to receive what it yearns for.

The Moon in the cardinal sign of Aries is strutting around in all her fiery best. She brings a very energetic time of enthusiasm and impulsive new beginnings.  Everyone is feeling bold and feisty, even argumentative.  Don't let it stress you out.

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Current Placements
as of 2/19/2018 12:00:05 AM
Pacific Standard Time  

The Sun
00º Pisces 37 '
The Moon
10º Aries 43 '
02º Pisces 06 '
10º Pisces 28 '
14º Sagittarius 29 '
22º Scorpio 43 '
06º Capricorn 33 '
25º Aries 31 '
13º Pisces 25 '
20º Capricorn 22 '
26º Pisces 41 '